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Meg Anderson – Past student and current Realtor

I took the 45 hour class here and absolutely loved it! I’m so glad I chose this program rather than doing everything online! I was able to learn so much more this way because I could ask our teachers questions at any time and they were able to give us real life scenarios that tied in with the learning material. This definitely made the material easier to understand and prepared me for my future career. It’s only been one month since I passed my exam and I already have a couple pending contracts. I owe a huge thank you to this program for launching my career!

Darin Bowers – Past student and current Realtor

The instructors made this course interesting and fun by providing real life scenarios and examples. I learned so much about real estate in just a few short weeks. This training gave me the confidence and knowledge to pass my state broker’s exam on the first attempt. Thanks so much!

Julia Schmidt – Past student and current Realtor

For the last twenty years or so, I have toyed with the idea of becoming a Realtor.  Finally, at age 64, I decided to take the plunge by enrolling in a class I saw advertised through the Keller Williams agency in Champaign.  After a simple inquiry by phone, I received the information via email that I needed to enroll in their class and order the necessary text books from the State.  There was a lot of reading, but the convenient Monday / Thursday evening schedule made it possible to keep up.

The classes were all interesting, and what I appreciated most was that our instructors, Scott Bechtel and Mark Waldhoff, not only shared their experiences, but arranged for specialists in finance, city planning, appraising, and real estate math to speak to our class in order to provide a more thorough perspective of the practical application of the subjects we were discussing.  I soon realized that even if I chose not to pursue a career in real estate, I would leave the class with a lot of valuable information.

After passing the test upon completion of the 90 hours of classroom work, I decided to go ahead and take the State Exam for licensure.  Although I passed it on the first try, I would be lying if I said it was easy.  It was the kind of test that made you reason through problems and very little of it involved ‘wrote’ memorization.  Thanks to Scott and Mark for using practical examples throughout their teaching and for emphasizing ethics, broker/client relationships, and nuances about real estate law in Illinois, I found that I had the ability to apply concepts and practical knowledge to arrive at the correct answer (at least most of the time).

If real estate interests you in any way – from private investing to full out sales, I would highly recommend taking your instruction through Keller/Williams.

Manda Price – Former KW Team Leader

Mark and Scott are great instructors that really want to help their students take the first step towards a career in real estate.